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Protecting Our Planet

Good For Your Skin and Safe For Our Planet

Within the last decade or so, climate scientists have discovered how important the vitality of coral reefs are to our ocean habitats and the health of our entire planet. There is a current epidemic of dying coral within our ocean systems that can be directly tied to many of the harsh chemicals used by leading sunscreen brands. At YeaBah, we have a deep respect for our oceans and vow to never use ingredients that can damage our environment. We use one active ingredient, sustainably-sourced non-nano zinc oxide, which is good for your skin and completely safe for our reefs. Help us protect our planet by using YeaBah daily!

harmful chemicals we don't use:


Protecting Your Skin

YeaBah products are FDA certified to offer broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays through the “Critical Wavelength” Test. The good news is that Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, our only active ingredient, provides the perfect defence against the sun while maintaining the health of your skin and our planet. With our water-based, gentle formula, YeaBah has created a mineral sunscreen that’s dry-touch and effective in any environment. Protect yourself and your family by using YeaBah daily!


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